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It’s not on Mainstreet…but we’re on 9th Ave N…not Mainstreet.

MainStreet Dental

These days it’s all about your “Team”, our team is just Robin, Sally, Georgette, Susan and Dr. Rolfe. But we’ve worked together so long we’re more like a family, when it comes to customer service. When you’re part of our practice, you’re part of our family. When you call us, you don’t get a machine, (we don’t like machines) you get a family (team) member. And we’ll probably call you first anyway, because we care about you. (and we don’t want to stay up worrying)
We chose our Mainstreet name because it had the ring of small town, where everybody knows and cares about each other. Hopkins, where our practice has been since 1939, was renaming it’s main street, Mainstreet, so it all seemed to fit. (Even if we’re on 9th Ave.) – We’ll leave the light on for you.