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Dental Services For Your Entire Family

Oral Health.
We work as a team and diagnose any existing problems. Our hygiene staff will provide you with a gentle, and thorough cleaning to maintain your periodontal health and a beautiful smile!

Restorative Needs.
We use only the finest lab’s and porcelain in the Twin Cities to create life like fixed crown and bridge work. Excellence is expected, nothing is outsourced.

Urgent Services.
We are accomplished in both root canal therapy and dental extractions.


Do you need or want Dentures?
Our patients are comfortable and feel that our team accomplished their wish... From
the extraction’s to the placement of their denture on the same day!

Extreme Smile Makeover.
Our lustre porcelain veneers are amazing!
They have all of the same translucency
and beauty of a natural tooth.

Children Services. Gentle Cleanings.
Topical fluoride to reduce cavity rate.
Place plastic sealants.